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 Individual groups and artists will ask for my expertise on their particular groups as well as there chart history on the R&B and pop charts, their rank on the chart and music history. If they are producing an autobiography of themselves or other artists. I’m also the voice of many national commercials and provide the voice imaging for television, radio, movie, and artist from around the world.

I am working on continuing my quest and journey of being America’s Premier R&B Historian by working with music shows on television, documentaries of R&B groups and artists, continuing my journey of being the official voice imaging of television and radio stations across the country, and expanding myself as being known as the go to person that understands and preserves the legacy, charts, and history of R&B music. I love being a show contributor on television and talking about the history of these groups and giving them more clarity and definition about their history in music.

As America's Premiere R&B Historian, Tyrone DuBose provides the following

 - Provides documentary information to and for R&B groups and artists

 - Provides commentary on the Local, Regional, and National level for Television, Radio, Newsprint, and any media and magazine outlets with past and current information of the autobiography of R&B Artists and Groups, in addition to there chart history.

- Hosting of concerts of Old School R&B groups and artists of the past across the country